more_images Pfade von Bildern

<li style="padding-top:10px;"><a href='{img img=$products_image type=m_popup path_only=true}' rel="useZoom: 'zoom1', smallImage: '{img img=$products_image type=m_info path_only=true}' ">{img img=$products_image type=m_thumb}</a>
{if $more_images !=''}
		{foreach name=aussen item=img_data from=$more_images}
		<li style="padding-top:9px;">
<a href="{img img=$img_data.file type=m_popup path_only=true}" rel="useZoom: 'zoom1', smallImage: '{img img=$img_data.file type=m_info path_only=true}' ">{img img=$img_data.file type=m_thumb}</a>

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